Episode 38 - Thom White

Architect Thom White (Work Program Architects) sat down with Andrew to talk about his early drawings for Dungeons and Dragons, his love of Burning Man and how you can help create a 50-foot-tall birthday cake. He also share his thoughts on how buildings get made, his favorite building on the planet, and the invention that has most helped and hurt architecture.

This episode was recorded at Andrew's home in Norfolk, Va.

Episode 37 - LIVE at Old Dominion University

In this special unedited live episode, Andrew hosts a conversation about the film, "American Dreamer" in a Facebook Livestream event recorded April 12th, 2018 at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va.

In this film panel discussion, Derrick Borte, David Mallin, and Nate Villar, give a behind-the-scenes peek into the making of "American Dreamer" and provide insights on how you can be part of future film projects at Old Dominion University.

Written and directed by Derrick Borte, "American Dreamer" is the result of a partnership between Storyland Pictures, The Virginia Film Commission, and Old Dominion University. The film tells the story of a down on his luck Uber driver named Cam who is played by comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan. Cam makes extra cash driving a drug dealer around town, but when he finds himself in a serious financial bind he makes a decision that has chilling consequences.

Episode 36 - Awon

Hip-hop recording artist, Awon, sat down with Andrew to talk about growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y. and how he found his way to hip-hop. He also shares his thoughts on Donald Trump, the youth of today, Michael Jordan, cereal, fame and fortune, and more.

Awon's new album, "The Actual Proof" is available now on Don't Sleep Records.

This episode was recorded at Andrew's house in Norfolk, Va.

For more information about Awon and his music visit: awonandphoniks.com & dontsleeprecords.com

Episode 35 - Remembering Nancy

Andrew's adoptive mother, Nancy, passed away surrounded by family on February 14, 2018. She was 73. In June 2017, Andrew interviewed his adoptive mother and his biological mother in a special three-part episode.

As a tribute to his late mother, we present this encore presentation of Episode 26 "Nancy & Nancy." We hope you find inspiration and comfort in their story.

Episode 26 Orignial Description: In this special episode, Andrew sits down with Nancy, his adoptive mother, and Nancy, his biological mother, to discuss their lives and experiences with adoption and the amazing and unlikely discoveries that were made along the way.

Episode 34 - Matthew Fine

Businessman, sculptor, and filmmaker Matthew Fine sat down with Andrew to talk about his life as a sculptor, how his father created Wave Riding Vehicles in 1967 and the story of their iconic logo, his experience attending a Quaker boarding school, and the lessons he learned writing, directing, and editing Art Show Bingo.

This episode was recorded at Matthew's house in Norfolk, Va.

Episode 33 - Philip Odango

Award-winning cosplayer Philip Odango sat down with Andrew to talk about the origins of cosplay, the most important fashion innovation of the past 200 years, dumpster-diving for materials, how he was discovered by Singer Corporation, and his new book, "Cosplay Marketing and PR 101."

This episode was recorded at Andrew's house in Norfolk, Va.

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For more information on Philip Odango and to purchase his book visit www.canvascosplay.com

Episode 32 - Kim Warp

Cartoonist Kim Warp sat down with Andrew to talk about shark cartoons and karma, the maximum number of words a cartoon can have, what happens to cartoons that get rejected, and all about submitting to, the history of, and getting published by The New Yorker.

This episode was recorded at The Slover Library in downtown Norfolk, Va.

Episode 31 - Dr. Cynthia Romero

Former Virginia State Health Commissioner, Dr. Cynthia Romero, sat down with Andrew to talk about women in science and medicine, the root causes of illness, the importance of optimism and positivity in staying healthy, if doctors make good patients, and who is responsible for the current opioid epidemic.

This episode was recorded at the Slover Library in Norfolk, Va.


Episode 30 - Tim Seibles

Poet Laureate of Virginia, Tim Seibles, sat down with Andrew to talk about imagination, memories, romance, the most mysterious thing on Earth, and the one thing he believes every adult should be doing.

This episode was recorded at Tim's apartment in Norfolk, Va.


Episode 29 - Andy Harris

Visual artist and art education teacher, Andy Harris, sat down with Andrew to talk about making kung fu movies in high school, playing bass guitar for Municipal Waste, lessons learned hanging commercial wallpaper, and his upcoming show, Neighborhood Watch, which features little-known stories about Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Harry Houdini, and more.

This episode was recorded at the Glass Wheel Studio in Norfolk, Va