I used to play with toy cars as a child. I had lots of them; all with different paint schemes and body styles. I kept them in a bright yellow bucket that used to contain my sisters Lincoln Logs. When it came time to play, I would find a suitable space (usually the kitchen table, a couch, or the floor) and dump the cars out of the bucket. I had two primary scenes that I would play out. The most popular was "the race" where I would line the cars up, two abreast, single file. I determined the pole position on the basis of whichever car looked like it would be the fastest. It was always the General Lee. Second place was consistently held by a silver Trans-Am. It had an eagle on the hood.

The second scenario I would play out was "the traffic jam" which was played exactly how it sounds. Inevitably, in both "the race" and "the traffic jam" there would be one all encompassing wreck. A wreck that no car could avoid. This was my favorite part. One car would overshoot a turn, or run a red light, and that would begin the domino-like chain reaction. As the director of this mayhem, I added my own sound effects: screeching tires, sirens, honking horns. The most prominent sound effect was the car crash sound, which I created using the word "wooosh" but with a "d" at the beginning instead of a "w." To me, this was the sound of metal on metal, coupled with just a hint of shattered glass. I thought it sounded pretty accurate. My sister had bad teeth and played the violin, so I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms and concert halls. To pass the time, I brought handfuls of cars with me. I'd set up a drag strip on my legs, or conduct my business on the seat next to me. Before long, the cars would collide, "screech...doosh-doosh-ssscrrreee......doosh." 

After some time, my mom told me that she thought it would be wise to come up with another sound effect for my car crashes. I wanted to know why. She thought for a moment and said, "Douche' is not a word that boys go around saying." I didn't understand. 

Now I know.

Pat Robertson for example.