I took a walk through the woods to focus on recent victories and past regrets. I searched the ground for a stick, found one, and picked off its bark until the wood was blonde and smooth. I enjoyed it for a while then tossed it, side arm, into a clearing.

I continued walking, stopping every so often to catch a glimpse of a songbird or other assorted creatures of the wood, but my senses weren't honed, and I stared blankly into the thickets.

A man passed by heading with great certainty in the opposite direction. He was thicker and sturdier than me. A water bottle dangled from his belt. His boots well worn and earth-caked. I felt silly in comparison what with my flannel shirt and canvas shoes. An inventory of my pockets revealed little more than a few loose breath mints and a cell phone with no reception. Good judgement beckoned me to follow, and it was here that I made amends with my regrets, took stock of my victories, and scurried out of the woods before darkness closed in.